beauty and the beast

Ideas for your own Beauty and the Beast-themed event

As promised in my last blog-post, here are some suggestions for your own Beauty and the Beast-themed event, be it an afternoon tea, a party or even a wedding! 

The invitations from Etsy-based shop Gorgeous Invites are perfect for setting a luxurious tone for your event.

There are plenty of menu ideas on the Taste of Home website, including a three-cheese soufflé, jellied champagne dessert and a hazelnut chocolate mousse.

A cake is the perfect feature at any event… the first stunning cake is from Sweetie Darling Cakes and the second beautiful one from All Shapes and Slices Cake Co.

You could have your own Mrs Potts and Chip teapot and cup, which you can get from numerous eBay shops, although it will set you back around £40.00 for the pair.

There are some decorated glasses from Etsy-based shop JJ Glamour Glasses, if you fancied a tipple.

And, of course, you would need some themed decorations…

These candle/tea-light holders can be purchased from Jar Of Stars Magic on Etsy.

Simple bunting adorning the walls can be a simple and yet effective way of decorating any venue, and the silhouette bunting from Alice Ann London is perfect.

And finally, a decorative rose is a must-have for this theme! This one is available from Illuminated Glasswork on Etsy.

I hope these suggestions help you to start planning your own special event. What other themes would you like me to explore in the future?

Be Our Guest? Ooh, yes please!

This week I was treated to the very special (and fully-booked until the end of November!) Beauty and the Beast-themed Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea at The Kensington Hotel in London, and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Upon our arrival at this luxurious hotel, we were shown through to the Townhouse Restaurant and sat at a table by a roaring open fire. Now, with it being April, the open fire might have been a bit much, but it was a dark, damp day outside, so the sight of a warm fire was a rather welcome one!

We chose our tea (Jasmine Silver Tip Tea and Genmaicha) and the savoury entrees of ‘Bite size venison pie’, ‘Beef ragu and saffron arancini’ and a ‘Cheese souffle’ were brought straight out to us; they were full of flavour of certainly whet our appetites for the rest of the food to come. The tiered cake stand full of brioche buns (in homage to the baker in the Disney movie), sandwiches and sweet treats then arrived, accompanied by our own Mrs Potts (full of cream) and glowing Lumière! The layout and display was charming, and included scattered rose petals. The food was nicely tied in to the Beauty and the Beast theme, with ‘Vanilla & gold jelly’ (with an edible rose petal set in the middle), ‘Try the grey stuff’ (white chocolate mousse), ‘Chocolate clock tart’ (a Cogsworth-shaped chocolate ganache with marzipan), ‘Spiced snowball macaron’ (made of coconut and chocolate – and links back to the famous snow-scene in the movie), plus a ‘Speculoos dress’ (a ginger biscuit, with a marzipan topping in the shape of Belle’s yellow dress). As always with the best part of a meal, I saved the ‘Try the grey stuff’ until last, and it did not disappoint; it really was delicious! It was served in the small china Chip cup, which was just adorable, and I have since bought myself a Mrs Potts and Chip porcelain set!

My only disappointment was that there were not enough Lumière candlesticks to go around, so ours was relocated to another table halfway through our tea.

Overall, the afternoon tea was thoroughly enjoyable (even my husband said he enjoyed it and I’m sure he felt like he was there under duress!). It’s not a cheap afternoon out, at £35.00 each (or £45.00 with a glass of champagne), plus travel into and across London, but it is comparable price-wise to other afternoon teas in the city. You can also make the most of being in that part of London, by going to one of the free attractions nearby, including the Victoria and Albert Museum or the Natural History Museum.

 As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this afternoon tea is now sold out, so if you were unable to get tickets, then why not hold your own themed event? Or you could always hire me to plan it for you!

I will post some suggestions for a Beauty and the Beast-themed event over the next few days.